Attention Merchants

Please contact the Merchantcrat to be put on the list for merchanting.

A donation to the Raid box is all that is requested from merchants.

Merchants may arrive on Thursday morning.




  1. No merchanting on the porch.
  2. Merchants can set up upstairs in the main hall. Inside space is limited, check with the Merchant Liaison for availability.
  3. Merchants must bring their own tents if they merchant outside.
  4. Set-up/tear-down help can not be guaranteed.

Merchant Liaison

THL Erzebet Fauconneau
mka: Elizabeth Anne Orwig
304.389.8621  (no calls after 9:30 PM)

Merchants Confirmed for Blackstone Raid XXX

Rabenwald Smithing
Drogo Rabenwald
Forged goods/camp supplies and jewelry

Silver Heron Studios
Linda Merchant Pierce
Silver rings, world coin jewelry and fine art

Orion’s Belt 
Leather armor and accessories

A Keeper
Mandy Lynn
Incense, candles, occult stuff
(Table is inside)

Bee and Elephant
Nicola Kendal
Hides, period inks, velum, used garb, pottery and other wonderful things 

Earth and Loom
Susan Blair
Pottery, wooden fiber tools, leather traveler journals 

Podling’s Place
Sarah Lambert 
Tunics, cloaks, pants, simple garb

Kings Ransom
Raymond C Leibach 
Leather crafts

Midnight’s Art
Ann Hunt 
Wire jewelry

Two Tinkers

Clark’s Leather Outpost
Thomas Clark
Leather armor 
(Table is inside)

Midnight Munch
Lexi Cummings 
Sweet treats/baked goods