Archery Schedule

Set up – There could be open practice if anyone is interested.

10:30 AM – Range open. May shoot royal rounds or participate in the tournament.

2:45 PM – Tournament cutoff for first round

3:00 PM – Final round starts

After the final the range is closed.

Religion vs Science Archery Tournament

Tournament format

Archers will flip a coin to determine if they are in favor of Religion or Science.

The Religion targets will be bordered by GOLD.
The Science targets will be bordered by BLACK

Archers must shoot the OPPOSITE of what they are in favor of to score points.

If an Archer shoots and their arrow even touches the border of their favor, they will lose a point!

Archers may shoot 6 arrows/bolts per each of the 7 targets.

Top 3 scores of those Archers who completed all 7 targets, will shoot in the Finale.


This year’s prize is a gift certificate for a dozen custom arrows or bolts from No Frontiers Archery