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A & S Classes


We are putting out a call for teachers to hold classes at Blackstone Raid. We have plenty of room indoors and outdoors for classes, and can accommodate most needs. 

Please contact THLady Kathryn McLuing at ans AT blackstoneraid DOT com if you wish to teach a class. 

10:00 AM- Watercraft Packing for Long-Distance Voyage (Lord Caius Julius Sylvanus (Bearclaw)) (60 min)
12:00 Noon – How to Write Poetry like a Well-Mannered Brute (Master Morien McBain) (90min)
3:00 PM – The Song of Breath: Troubadour Poetry and Lore (Master Morien McBain) (90min)

10:30 AM –  Make beautiful scrolls using micography (Baroness Amalie Reinhardt) (90 min)
10:30 AM – Lightweight Backpacking for Long-distance Hikes (Lord Caius Julius Sylvanus (Bearclaw)) (60 min)
12:00 Noon – Nalbinding (60 min)
12:00 Noon – The Way of St James: Pilgrims to Santiago. (Master Morien McBain) (90 min)
2:00 PM Flint & Steel Firemaking.  (Lord Rikardr vid-Bjorn) (90 min) AT THE FIRE PIT

Class Synopsis:  
Master Morien McBain : 90min classes.
1.   How to Write Poetry Like a Well-Mannered Brute:  A poetry workshop for the aspiring heart! An introduction to various period-specific forms, devices, figurative language, the mysteries of enjambment, and the acrostic! Come with longing, leave with poems of your own devising!

2.  The Song of Breath: Troubadour Poetry and Lore: A survey of the history and stories of the troubadour poets, rich in anecdote, and with reference to particular motifs and forms of their art.  Special attention will be paid to the sestina form!

3.  The Way of Saint James: Pilgrims to Santiago:  We will examine the legends, history, and lore of the Camino de Santiago, with special emphasis on the nature of medieval pilgrimage, sites of special historic, religious, and cultural importance along the route, plus advice for planning and completing the pilgrimage today. Taught by former pilgrims. ¡Buen camino!

Baroness Amalie Reinhardt
1. Make beautiful scrolls using micography (Baroness Amalie Reinhardt):  Class Size: 10
Description: First we will learn about micography and how it was used in manuscripts. Then, we will work on plotting out designs and practice.  what we have learned to create some art.
Student Supplies: If you have a crow quill nib or C-6 nib and holder, ink, or paper you prefer to use, please bring it. Else, materials will be provided for class.

Lord Caius Julius Sylvanus (Bearclaw)
1. Watercraft Packing for Long-Distance Voyages: A Beginner’s guide to packing a personal watercraft for river or creek exploration, with water safety tips. (Æthelmearc Forester Guild) 60min class

2. Lightweight Backpacking for Long-Distance Hikes: A Beginner’s guide to packing light for multi-day pilgrimages.  (Æthelmearc Forester Guild) 60min class

Lord Rikarkr vid-Bjorn
1. This class will involve a variety of skills involved in creating a fire quickly and reliably with flint and steel.  A variety of char materials, tinders, and kindling will be considered, as well as the ability to locate or make such materials in the wilderness.  All class materials will be provided, and enough for ten students will be on hand.