Arts & Sciences Competitions

A & S Competitions

As the investiture of a new Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Blackstone Mountain takes place, the Dragon Armies believe this is the opportunity for which they have been waiting. Calling all citizens and allies of Æthelmearc, your Barony of Blackstone Mountain is in need of your expertise. For twenty-eight years we have fought side-by-side as armies have come to raid our precious Blackstones.  This year, they come to take our land as well!

As part of the battle to determine who wins the Raid, there shall be two (2) competitions for Arts & Sciences.  The winner of each competition will receive a small prize, and a Raid Point for their Kingdom (or chosen side).  The Kingdom with the most Raid Points will win the Blackstone Raid Chest, full of booty from the Raid. So, enter and help your Kingdom win!  (Donations to the Raid Chest are welcome!)

The first competition is open to any member of the Peerage or Grant-level awards (does not have to be A&S awards). The theme is “Preparing for War”, and any item entered in this competition must be something that you have made to prepare yourself for the upcoming times of War. This may be items for camping, clothing for the summer heat, or weapons and armor of war (archery, heavy, fencing, thrown weapons, etc).  Documentation is minimal, as this competition will be judged by Populace Vote. You are not to be judged by your fellow Peers, but by the folk of the land.  Step up for your Kingdom, Peers and Honorable Lords/Ladies.  Show the populace what marvels you will bring to War!  
The Second competition is open to any Populace member of non-Peer or non-Grant level.  This is for the populace to show off.  There is no theme, no limit on what may be entered.  However, Every Gentle Who Enters an item will be asked to help judge the other entries.  Again, there is minimal documentation – a 3×5 card containing What it is, Where it was used, When it was used, How it was made then and now, and What You Learned while making the item. Judging will be based on this minimal documentation, plus 1-5 points on artistic and/or historic value as determined by your fellow entrants.  
Both Competitions will be held Saturday April 25th.  A&S opens at 11am and go til 3pm.  All entries must be entered with their documentation by 11:30am.  Judging will start at 12 pm, so we ask all Non-Peer/Grant level entrants to remain long enough to judge the other entries in their competition.  All entrants should retrieve their entries before 3:30pm so the room may be cleared. 
Any questions may be sent to THLady Kathryn MacLuing via email at [email protected]