Arts & Sciences Competitions

Blackstone RAIDS XXX A & S Challenge

Once again, Blackstone Mountain is challenging all Artisans to demonstrate their skills and arts at Blackstone Raids!

This year’s theme — BLACK, SILVER, GOLD.

In honor of our 30th year, we are asking that all entries to the Challenge contain at least TWO of the Baronial Colors: Black, Silver/White, or Gold/yellow.

The A&S Challenge will be SATURDAY, drop-off will be before 10:30a, and open to the Public and to the Judges starting at 11am.  The Challenge will end at 4pm, and all Entries should be picked up by 4:30p if possible.

All Arts and Sciences are welcome, and as before we will have a section for those who wish to simply DISPLAY, not enter the Challenge. Each Entry must have Documentation.
1. All Entries must be at least two of the following colors: Black, White/Silver, or Yellow/Gold.  Bonus points will be awarded for use of all three.

2. There will be a panel of Judges, as well as a General Populace Vote. The Judges will be weighing Documentation as well as use of the Themed Colors.

3. Suggested Documentation form may be found at EZ-DOC: the SCA A&S Writing Form.  (

Please go to the Fashion Show page for information.