Heavy Weapons

Heavy Weapons


9:00 PM – Inspections Begin for Torchlight Bear Pit
10:00 PM – Torchlight Bear Pit (1 hr long) 


10:00 AM – Heavy Inspections/Auths begin
11:00-11:45 AM – (Heavy) Gage Challenge
12:00 PM – (Heavy) Melees; Capture the Flag (7pts), Bridges (x3), Capture and Control (x2). 

Note: Combat Archery is allowed in all scenarios. Bridges will be Resurrection Battles (20min, 15min, 10mi ), then fought to the last fighter standing. Capture and Controls are 20 min Resurrection fights. Siege allowed in all the Melee scenarios excluding the “capture the flag” battle.

3:30 PM Heavy Field Closes