Pet Rules

No pets are allowed in any buildings. Only service animals are allowed in buildings with documentation.

Shelter – Assure your pet has adequate shelter for the varied weather conditions. Ample shade if it’s sunny, a dry place if it’s raining or wet, a warm place if it’s cold and fresh water despite the conditions.

Restraint – All pets must be leashed, in a kennel, or “tied out” at all times. This is for both your safety and your pets.

Waste – Pickup any solid waste your pet leaves. Not doing risks this becoming a non pet site.

Children – Not all animals are accustomed to children, individuals other than their owners, or large gatherings of people. You or your child should not approach an animal you are unfamiliar with, and then only with the owners permission and co-operation.

Bugs – Be aware fleas and ticks are already out in West Virginia. Please prepare your pet accordingly.


Your pets causing disruptive incidents will be treated like people causing disruption and be asked to leave.