Youth Activities

Oh, No. The sheep have escaped their pen!

We need the parents and children of the Kingdom to help capture them and bring them back to their pasture. The sheep are hiding about the site and need to be captured. There are two player categories! Shepherd 10 and under Sheep Relocation Agent the over 10 crowd (hiding the sheep) you may only play with supervision of a parent or guardian

Shepherds and Sheep Relocation Agents need to sign up at the Blackstone Mountain Shepherds Guild to participate and must have a parent or guardian to help. Shepherds will return the sheep to the Guild and will receive 1 point for each sheep brought back to the Shepherds Guild. Relocation Agents will pick up sheep from the Guild and will receive 1 point for each sheep they hide. Please be patient with the Head Shepherd there are a lots of sheep to bring back out to pasture.


Special Sneaky Sheep are worth 5 points, for finding by Shepherds or Relocation Agents. These sheep have been trained to “hide” with people. They can be found playing near their Excellencies, Officers of the Barony, Event Staff or Champions. Be prepared, sometimes the sheep have made friends with the people and may ask you to do a funny dance, a riddle or ask you for help before handing over one of the Special Sneaky Sheep. Play along! Try not to find all the sheep at once or horde them. The number of people playing and the weather conditions will affect how quickly the sheep can be ‘relocated’.

Finally, if you play, please attend the baronial court, as we will be announcing who played and also who received the most points! The Sheep Relocation Agents are responsible for hiding the sheep for the Shepherds to find. Please do not hide in private encampments, inside of tents or cabins, parking lots, or places that are off limits on site. Keep the Black Sheep fairly visible – they are for the kids to find after all! We want them sneaky, not invisible. Try to keep to main paths. No sheep inside the bathrooms or too close to the tourney fields. We want to encourage kids to look around the site and see things, but not get them in danger or too far from adults. Try to remember where you hide the sheep. They have a certain capture time and will not be relocated 15 minutes before the end. The last 15 minutes are a FREE FOR ALL FOR FINDING of the sheep. This is the only time Relocation Agents will receive points for finding sheep.